Our strong commitment to offering the highest quality products has led us to acquire more than 40 ripening chambers. In total, we have more than 4000 square meters of refrigeration distributed between the Mercamadrid warehouses and the Torrejón facilities.

In these ripening chambers, we ensure that the products acquired at origin before they mature, complete their ripening process in a controlled and natural way.

At Grupo Plátanos López we know that good maturation is key to offering a product in the best conditions. Thanks to our efficient ripening chambers, we have managed to become a benchmark in the distribution of imported products from South America, some as successful as green bananas, male bananas or avocados.

GPL - We are Papaya ripeners


Optimal season: January / February / March / April / May / June / July / August / October

There is the papaya harvest season for the whole year except the months of November and December.

However, in Latin American countries papaya is produced throughout the year.

The consumption of tropical and subtropical fruits is booming with a growing demand in Europe and Spain is practically the only producer of these fruits within the EU. More specifically in the Canary Islands, as it is a fleshy fruit, it has plenty of water.