Our strong commitment to offering the highest quality products has led us to acquire more than 40 ripening chambers. In total, we have more than 4000 square meters of refrigeration distributed between the Mercamadrid warehouses and the Torrejón facilities.

In these ripening chambers, we ensure that the products acquired at origin before they mature, complete their ripening process in a controlled and natural way.

At Grupo Plátanos López we know that good maturation is key to offering a product in the best conditions. Thanks to our efficient ripening chambers, we have managed to become a benchmark in the distribution of imported products from South America, some as successful as green bananas, male bananas or avocados.

GPL - We are Mango Ripeners


Optimal season: January / February / March

They should be consumed preferably in all main meals or in the absence of any of these during the mid-morning or snack.

It is advisable to always consume them whole, since when consuming them in the form of juice we lose a good amount of fiber on the one hand, and on the other, the feeling of satiety that we perceive through chewing. Whole fruits, with skin whenever possible (after having been washed properly) or in the form of a smoothie (where we only discard the bone if they have any) should be part of our healthy menus on a daily basis.