diferencias entre nuestro avocado y nuestro aguacate

At Grupo Plátanos López we have two varieties of avocado, one we call that exactly, it is also called Hass avocado, and the other is our avocado, also called Florida avocado or Dominican avocado.

Although both are very rich and have many properties that are very good for our body, there are differences between them. Its appearance is simply different. The most common avocado is the Hass and it has a rougher and brownish skin, and its pit is dark brown and spherical in shape. On the other hand, the Florida avocado has a much smoother and softer skin with a very powerful green color and its pit is shaped like a tear or drop.

The main difference is its fat content, since the Florida avocado has much lower content. But that is neither better nor worse since avocado fat is considered a very healthy fat, it is very good for the proper functioning of the heart and for the skin.

The Florida or Dominican avocado, our avocado, has a harder or firmer texture, making its competitor, the Hass, the winner in manquetillose texture, perfect for mashed potatoes like guacamole or spread on toast. The Florida avocado is suitable for salads cut into cubes or for other sliced ​​dishes. Its flavor is also somewhat different since the Hass avocado has the power of flavor and the Florida has a milder flavor.