España líder europeo en sector de las frutas tropicales

Spain is the European leader in the tropical fruit sector. Among the main products grown in Andalusia, the Valencian Community, the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands, these products stand out: mango, avocado, medlar and custard apple.
However, there are more and more tropical fruits that are grown in Spain such as pitaya, longan or lucuma. According to data from an institute dependent on the CSIC, the adaptation conditions of some tropical fruits are changing and could be cultivated in various parts of the peninsula.
The demand for these products in Europe has also contributed to Spain becoming the European leader in the subtropical sector. This is especially due to the production of mango and, to a lesser extent, custard apple.
At the moment the demand for these products of Spanish origin is not so great. As there is no market, productions are delayed. Despite the fact that the fruits could be developed in greenhouses, according to the experts, how difficult it would be to produce these varieties.